About Suman Kumar Raju Rudraraju, Nature and Landscape Photographer from Hyderabad, India


I am Suman Kumar Raju Rudraraju from Hyderabad, India. I have been interested in photography since 2012, I became serious about photography when I turned 30.

I am an avid traveller and am passionate about photographing nature and landscapes. I have visited more than 18 countries and 30 destinations in India, including national parks and mountains. I travel abroad also, but every time I come back from a trip to a foreign country, I realize how much beauty I have around me in the unexplored, less accessed and often remote regions of India.

My thirst for adventure and photography has been the driving force behind my life’s quest to capture the moods and character of the best of India’s amazing natural places and landscapes. On my website, you will see that I have only shared photographs of Indian landscapes to promote my beloved country.

For me, photography is a medium through which I can experience and share the wonder of this planet. My objective is to create Fine Art Photographs of Indian landscapes and capture the essence and emotion of a place by drawing the viewer into the frame as an active participant in the journey. A Fine Art Photograph is an image that is both artistically inspired and technically excellent.

Great photographs excite us visually because they convey the excitement experienced by the photographer.

Landscapes are not simply sceneries waiting to be photographed, rather the light is the key factor. When there is no light, there is no picture. When there is remarkable light, there is a remarkable picture. I continue to chase the "Great Light" with an even greater passion.

I think of wilderness landscape photography as the pursuit of visual “peak experiences.”

Visual peak experiences are moments of extraordinary natural beauty, often ephemeral, that I seek to capture in such a way that the viewer can share my sense of wonder and joy, For me, these marvellous moments occur most often in remote places, especially in the mountains and forests.

When composing panorama images, I combine multiple photographs into a single complete image. The objective of these collages is to expand the field of view represented in the image far beyond what a single capture can show. A single photograph taken with the widest lens available cannot capture the breadth of a majestic landscape.

I promise that my work is done according to my personal style and artistic vision. I strive to depict scenes that I have photographed in a way that is different from what others looking at these same scenes would see and capture.