Jim Corbett - India’s first national park

Nestled amidst the dense and rugged settings of Nainital district in Uttarakhand, this wildlife abode is one of the pioneer projects to protect the majestic Bengal Tigers. India’s first national park, and covers 1318 sq km of wild forests. It’s named for legendary British hunter Jim Corbett, who brought this region international fame with his book The Man Eaters of Kumaon. Greatly revered by local people for killing tigers that preyed on people.

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Suru Valley - A powerful tributary of the Indus River

Arguably one of the most beautiful and scenic valleys in the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir, Suru Valley nestled in the Himalayan mountain range is drained by the Suru River (a tributary of the Indus River)

Fall in the lap of nature where you will only be surrounded by hills, valleys, and rivers. This attractive destination Suru Valley is blessed with grand Rocky Mountains on one side and lustrous green fields on the other

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God beams at Dudhwa National Park

I have travelled to many forests in Northern India, Southern India and Central India, For me, possibly, this is one of the most beautiful forests I have visited in India. This National Park has an unparalleled symmetry of endless straight tunnel-like roads with an overhead canopy of trees along the way. These sal trees were planted by the British to be used for laying railway tracks and all the roads are connected like a star network with 5-road junctions throughout the forest. This is unique to this National Park.

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Winter in Ladakh - The Call Of The Mountains

Since time immemorial, the mountains have promised the perfect retreat for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. They have been the abode of the wise, a sanctuary of peace and serenity, in stark contrast to the ruggedness of the harsh terrain. As one moves higher, the cares of the world drop away and a world of breathtaking beauty unfolds – a gift from the Gods

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Sangti Valley - Hidden from civilization, an incredibly green heaven on earth

Sangti Valley is one of the most stunning places I’ve been. It is encompassed by Eastern Himalayan extents and you will discover this region rich in thick timberlands and streams,Surrounded by the lofty peaks of the Eastern Himalayas, this picturesque valley is the place to be on early winter mornings

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The Floating Vegetable Markets of Srinagar

Located within Srinagar's iconic Dal Lake, the Floating Vegetable Market of Srinagar, is a place where Kashmiris living within the lake buy their daily fruit and vegetable supplies.The unique floating gardens in the natural wetlands of Srinagar are the prime source of vegetables cultivation and these fresh vegetable are sold on the floating Shikaras on the lake.

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