Tawang Monastery - The pride of the pictorial hill town

Tawang Monastery

If Shangri-La conjures up images of an earthly paradise isolated from the outside world, happy people, Buddhist chants floating in the air, and mystical monks engrossed in prayers, then Tawang is what you’re most likely thinking about. Located at a height of near about 10,000 ft above sea level, picturesque Tawang is a thinly populated mountainous tract lying on the northwest extremity of Arunachal Pradesh in north east India

The pride of the pictorial hill town, Tawang Monastery is Asia’s second largest monastery and India’s largest which controls 17 Gompas in the region. An important seat of Mahayana Buddhism, the famous Buddhist monastery in India of the Gelukpa was founded during the 17th century by Mera Lama Lodre Gyaltso. The notable delights of the monastery is imposing three-storied assembly hall, the 28 ft high golden statue of Lord Buddha, vast library with an impressive collection of ancient books and manuscripts. Do not miss to take a look at famous gold inscribed Buddhist scriptures Kangyur and Tangyur.

When the current Dalai Lama (14th Dalai Lama) fled from Tibet in 1959 to escape from the Chinese army, he crossed into India on 30 March 1959 and spent some days resting at Tawang Monastery before reaching Tezpur in Assam on 18 April. As recently as 2003, the Dalai Lama said that Tawang was "actually part of Tibet". He reversed his position in 2008, acknowledging the legitimacy of the McMahon Line and the Indian claim to the region.

The Dalai Lama visited Tawang district on 8 November 2009. About 30,000 persons, including those from neighbouring Nepal and Bhutan, attended his religious discourse

Owing to its less explored status, vacation in this part of Arunachal Pradesh offers an undisturbed experience to the tourists. This Himalayan region is full of naturalattractions that include the lofty peaks, placid lakes, magical waterfalls, alpine forests and blissful nature trails & passes. Besides, the description of Tawangalso highlights its man-made cultural and religious attractions that majorly speak of the Tibetan monasteries.

First Ray of Sun on Buddha statue in Tawang town

Tawang town View

Magical Clouds passing through Buddha Statue at Sunrise.

Buddha Statue in Town

Prayer Wheel

Inside Tawang Monastery Prayer Hall

Buddha Statue in Tawang Monastery 

Elderly Monk in Tawang Monastery

Happy Kid  in Tawang Monastery

Young Monks in Monastery