God beams at Dudhwa National Park

God beams at Dudhwa National Park

This shot captures the sunrays in a dense forest just after sunrise on a winter morning.

I am at Dudhwa in Uttar Pradesh, India. During the winter months, these intense ‘God beams,’ as they are nicknamed, are only visible for less than an hour between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM when the morning fog envelopes the forest. When the God beams penetrate the thick canopy of trees, the fog quickly dissipates and the God beams vanish. So we were rushing to catch this magical phenomenon in this 45 minutes’ window. And we were blessed to witness exactly what we wanted to capture.

I have travelled to many forests in Northern India, Southern India and Central India, For me, possibly, this is one of the most beautiful forests I have visited in India. This National Park has an unparalleled symmetry of endless straight tunnel-like roads with an overhead canopy of trees along the way. These sal trees were planted by the British to be used for laying railway tracks and all the roads are connected like a star network with 5-road junctions throughout the forest. This is unique to this National Park.

The Dudhwa National Park is in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh, India, and covers an area of 490.3 sq km (189.3 sq mi). It is part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Located on the Indo-Nepal border in Lakhimpur-Kheri district in Uttar Pradesh, together with Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuaries, the area represents the best natural forests and grasslands left in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh.

The park has a sizable number of tigers and leopards, although the thick vegetation makes it difficult to spot one

Infinite Canopy at Dudhwa

In the Dudhwa forest on a winter morning, the canopy of trees reaching up to the sky is so dense that the sun rays struggle to break through them to touch the earth. Now and then, the tree tops allow a sliver of light to slip in.

This picture shows the true mood of the forest in shadows during early mornings and late evenings. If you look closely you can see a small streak of light on a tree trunk on the far left side.

God Beams during Morning Jeep Safari

Captured during elephant safari

Sun Beams in Morning Safari

Dense Canopy during Noon

Untaken road filled with leaves in Park

Grasslands of Dudhwa National Park

Stork at Small puddle

Nilgai's at Dhudwa National Park

Male Tiger at National Park

Female Tiger at National Park

Rhino Cub picture captured from Elephant 

Elephant Safari

Crocodile in wet Look with its reflection in River

Dancing Peacock