Dawki -Transcendental reflections in the clear waters of a tropical paradise

Umngot River, Meghalaya’s Unexplored Paradise!

A paradise nestling in the hills… if ever there was one!

I ventured off the beaten track to discover a little known gem, Umngot, possibly India’s cleanest river. The Umngot river flows through Dawki, a small but busy town in the East Jaintia Hills district near the Indo-Bangladesh border. The river is a prime fishing spot for fishermen from nearby areas.

I am waiting for the sun to drop down behind the mountains at Shnongpdeng,Umngot River, Meghalaya’s Unexplored Paradise so I can avoid the glare or reflections of the water in my photograph. Are you wondering how I captured this aerial shot from my DSLR? Here is the secret! I was standing on a 6-foot high hanging (and very shaky, literally) iron rope bridge, as I waited for the perfect composition. I was overwhelmed by the colours in this single object, the boat. It seemed like a staged filmy photo. We can see the fisherman completely dressed in blue, the pink bag, a red tub, a brown basket with a net, a yellow cover, a silvery white fish lying on the floor of the boat, a blue-green mug, a fishing stick with bluish green rope and, finally, red life jackets. All of them are adding to the drama of the picture, suspended against a monochromatic teal background.

The water is so clear that when seen from a distance, it appears as if the boat is floating in mid-air!

Shnongpdeng,Umngot River, Meghalaya’s Unexplored Paradise

Three busy fisheran

Parking Area

Gliding through transparent river